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This website is for informational purposes only. No attorney-client relationship is formed by your use of this website or by any communication you send or receive through this site. any reliance on the content of this website is at your own risk.


I. Terms of Use


This website, davisfirmpllc.com,is owned and managed by Davis Firm, PLLC (“the Firm”). Any use of this website and its contents is subject to the complete Terms of Use, Disclaimers, and Privacy Policy (“Terms and Conditions”) set forth on this page. By using this website, you agree to all Terms and Conditions. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully.


If you use this website, you are deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS. If you do not the terms and conditions, you should stop reading or otherwise using this website or any materials obtained from it. 


All disclaimers contained in the terms and conditions, whether expressly stated or not, also apply to any general (non-client issue specific) email, social media, and blog posts


II. Disclaimers


A.    Not Legal Advice


The information contained on this website is provided for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing contained on this website is intended to be, nor should it be construed to be, legal advice or an offer to perform services on any matter. This website contains general information and is not guaranteed to be up-to-date information or applicable to your specific legal need. 


Content provided on this website, including documents, text, graphics, images, videos, or other types of information, is provided for information purposes only and should not be relied on by you or any one you may share that information with. Any reliance on the contents of this website is at your own risk. The Firm and any guest author providing information on this website disclaim any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise that is incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and application of any of the contents of this Website.


B.    No Confidentiality or Attorney-Client Relationship


Your use of this website or contacting the Firm through this website or by any other means, does not constitute an attorney-client relationship and you should not act as though it does. Attorney-client confidentiality only exists in the event of an actual attorney-client relationship. As an attorney-client relationship does not exists solely through your use of this website, and will not exist unless you enter into a written agreement with the Firm for representation, you should not offer any sensitive information on this website via any means. 

Any information sent to the Firm via email, this Website, or any social media messaging services, is not secure and is done on a non-confidential basis. The Firm respects the privacy for any individual who contacts it and we will make reasonable efforts to keep information confidential, but because of the nature of internet communications and the absence of an attorney-client relationship, the Firm cannot promise or guarantee confidentiality.


Further, you should only accept legal advice from a competent attorney licensed to practice law in your state. For this reason, you should not rely on any information from this website without first consulting a competent attorney licensed to practice law in your state. Even in the event that the Firm is licensed to practice law in your state, you should not act or refrain from acting on the basis of any information found on this site. The Firm expressly disclaims any liability with respect to actions taken or not taken based upon any information or other contents of this website. 


VIEWING the firm’s website or communicating with the firm by email or through this or any other site does not constitute or create an attorney-client relationship with anyone. the content and features of this website do not create, nor are they intended to create, an attorney-client relationship and shall not be construed as legal advice. the content and features of this website, including means to submit a question or information, do not constitute an offer to represent you.


C.    No Confidentiality Via Website


This website may contain links to third-party websites. These links are offered for informational and convenience purposes only. The Firm does not endorse the sites nor does intend to imply any association between the Firm and the sites unless specifically stated on this website. The sites are independent and the Firm cannot guarantee that the sites’ policies and practices are consistent with these Terms and Conditions. You assume all risk in the use of third-party websites. 


D.    Scope of Relationship


The Firm’s lawyer(s) are licensed to practice law only within the state of Arkansas, however, the Firm may operate in other states on a limited basis in accordance with the rules of Professional Conduct of the State of Arkansas and the state where the Firm is conducting legal matters. In most states, the Firm may represent clients in states other than Arkansas in matters incidental to its Arkansas practice. In other states, the Firm must associate with an attorney licensed to practice law in that state. This is a case and state specific inquiry which the Firm will discuss with its clients. 


No attorney-client relationship exists absent a written agreement between the client and the Firm. The Firm offers a free initial consultation. To ensure that potential, current, and future clients are protected, a potential client will submit an intake form to so that the Firm can determine if a conflict of interest exists before the initial consultation. Upon agreement, and at the sole discretion of the Firm, the Firm will enter into a contract for legal services (this is called an “Engagement Letter) with the potential client. The Engagement Letter will detail the scope and duration of the representation, the fee to be charged, and the responsible attorney. In the event that the Firm must associate with another attorney to provide complete representation (such as out-of-state legal services, or legal services with mixed legal issues requiring multiple specialities) the Engagement Letter will detail that association if known at the time. If such an association is not known, the Firm will communicate any association with the client and receive approval prior to the association. 


Inquires made through this website will be returned at the sole discretion of the Firm. Should the Firm direct any inquires to another attorney or firm, the Firm does not warrant or represent the ability of the firm or attorney and any use of that firm or attorney is in the sole discretion of the inquirer and at the inquirer’s risk. 


Any communication with the Firm, including phone calls, may be retained for record-keeping, training, and quality-assurance purposes. 


E.    State Laws Vary


The laws of each state are different. This website may contain information about general or common rules that apply in some states. This website may also contain information about verdicts or settlements in past cases. You cannot assume that the same rules apply, or that the same result would occur, in your state or any particular state or case. 


Statutes of limitations are especially important. Every state has laws called “statutes of limitations” that set a deadline to file a lawsuit. A lawsuit filed too late may be thrown out, regardless of the defendant’s fault or the severity of the injuries. Some states have a three-year period for negligence injury claims; the time period in other states may be longer or shorter. Because investigation and research is needed to identify all possible defendants and theories of recovery, if you have an accident or injury, you should consult a lawyer as soon as possible.

F.    Responsible Attorney


To the extent that the professional responsibility rules of any jurisdiction require us to designate a principal office or an attorney responsible for this website, Davis Firm, PLLC designates its office at 8201 RANCH BLVD, SUITE B1, Little Rock, ARKANSAS 72223, attorney Jason R Davis, Ark. Bar No.: 2018026.

G.    State Advertising Disclosure


While this website may be viewed in any state and jurisdiction, it is intended solely to be a for those needing legal services in the state of Arkansas and no other state. In accordance with rules of professional conduct, the Firm will only conduct business in other states if related to the business it conducts for clients in states where the Firm is licensed to practice law. While the Firm welcomes out-of-state clients for business in the state of Arkansas, this website is intended for those who are in or enter into the state of Arkansas. Any use of this website by one in a state other than the state of Arkansas is incidental only to the characteristic of the internet and should not be construed a purposeful availment by the Firm of the other state’s laws or jurisdiction. 


Further, it is the intention of the Firm to comply with all regulations relating to the advertisement of the Firm and the lawyers in the firm. The Firm does not intend to imply that the Firm or any lawyer in the Firm is superior in any way to another Firm or lawyer. The Firm does not intend to imply in focusing on specific legal practices that it is a specialist in those fields. To so imply or state would be a violation of the Arkansas Rules of Professional Conduct. If you feel that any content on this website violates this intention, the Firm encourages you to reach out so that we may correct the error. 


H.    Website/Social Media Comments


Comments made on any social media account run by the Firm or on this website are subject to the following comment policy. Commenters must refrain from spam or irrelevant posts; profane, derogatory, or defamatory language; offensive language or concepts; attacks either on a person individually or the Firm; any client or former client testimonials that create “unjustified expectations” in another. 


The Firm reserves the right to pre-approve, edit, or delete any comments for any reason, even if the comments are not in violation of this comment policy. Any comments should not be deemed to have been approved or endorsed by the Firm and the Firm takes no responsibility for the content of a posted comment. If you believe a posted comment violates this comment policy, you are encouraged to contact the Firm so that the comment may be reviewed and if necessary removed. Any violation of this comment policy may result in the commenter being banned from posting on the site. 


All legal issues are unique and any result for one person does not guarantee a similar result for another. For this reason comments creating “an unjust expectation” is not permitted on any Firm sponsored websites. The Arkansas Rules of Professional Conduct define “unjust expectations” as advertisements (which include comments on websites) about the results obtained on behalf of a client, such as the amount of a damage award or lawyer’s record in obtaining favorable verdicts, and advertisements containing client endorsements.” A client may comment on their experience relating to professionalism, comfort and ease of the working relationship.


I.    Governing Laws; Jurisdiction


These Terms and Conditions aisle be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Arkansas without regard to any choice of law principles. Disputes arising hereunder shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state courts of Arkansas.


J.     Indemnification


You agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend the Firm, its members, directors, officers, employees, and agents from and against any action, cause, claim, damage, debt, demand, or liability, including reasonably costs and attorney’s fees, asserted by any person, arising out of or related to: (a) your use of this website, including any data or work transmitted or received by you; and (b) any unacceptable use of this website, including, but not limited to, any statement, data, or content made, transmitted, or republished by you, in violation of the copyright laws of the United States or any other applicable jurisdiction. 


K.     Copyright


This website is protected by US copyright laws, international conventions, and other copyright laws. The contents of this website are only for your personal, informational, and non-commercial use. All materials contained on this website are protected by copyright and are owned or controlled by the Firm or the party credited as the provider of the content. You agree to abide by any and all additional copyright notices, informations, or restrictions in any part of the website. 


L.     Severability


If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is determined to be illegal or unenforceable, then such provisions will be enforced to the maximum extent possible and all other provisions will remain in full force and effect.  


M.     Headings


The captions and heading of these Terms and Conditions are included for ease and navigability and do not contain any legal effect. They should be disregarded in interpreting these Terms and Conditions. 


N.    Attorney’s Fees


If any action in law or in equity is necessary to enforce these Terms and Conditions, the Firm shall be entitled to reasonable attorneys fees and court costs necessary to enforce these Terms and Conditions in addition to any other relief to which the Firm may be entitled.




III. Privacy Policy (Updated March 2019)


Your privacy is important to the Firm. Please read the following Privacy Policy to understand how your personal information is treated as you use this website. When you use this website, you consent to the use of your personal information by the Firm in the manner specified in this Privacy Policy. 


NOTE: This Privacy Policy only concerns the Firm’s collection, use, and protection of data sent to the Firm. However, the internet is not a secure method of sending and receiving data. Any information you send over the internet, either this website or other website including, but not limited to, email websites, is not guaranteed to be secure. DO NOT SEND SENSITIVE INFORMATION THROUGH THE INTERNET. The Firm disclaims liability for any loss or consequence as a result of your sending sensitive information over the internet.  


A.     Information Automatically Collected


Your browser automatically sends us, and we may retain, information such as the internet domain through which you access the internet; Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer you are using; type of browser software and operating system you are using; date and time you access this website; and the internet address of the site from which you linked directly to our this website. This informations used in aggregate to help us maintain this site and make it more effective for your use. This information is not used to identify individuals, except for website security or law enforcement purposes. We will not obtain personally-identifying information about you when you visit our website unless you choose to provide such information. 


Please note that all information collected may be retained for an indefinite period of time.

B.     Other Information Collected


If you choose to identify yourself by providing personal information in any capacity, we will collect, and may retain, any personally identifying information, such as your name, address, email address, and phone number, and any other information you provide. This information is used to accommodate any request made and may be used to provide further information at a later time. Your information will not be disclosed to any third parties except as set out in this Privacy Policy. 


If you request information, services, or assistance, the Firm may disclose your personal information to those third parties that, in the Firm’s judgment, are necessary to best fulfill your request. If, when you provide the Firm with such information, you state that you do not want us to disclose the information to third parties, the Firm will honor your request—however, doing so may limit or render impossible the Firm’s ability to satisfy your request or refer your request to the appropriate party. 


If your communication relates to a law enforcement matter, we may disclose the information to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.


C.     Cookies


Cookies may be used in order to customize this website for return visitors. These cookies are not required for site functionality. Additionally, third-party widgets may install cookies depending on their configuration. You are not required to accept any cookies to use this website. 


D.    Google Analytics


Google Analytics is used to collect information about use of this website. Google Analytics collects information such as how often users visit the website, what pages they visit when they do, and what other websites they used prior to coming to this website. The Firm uses the information we get from Google Analytics only to improve this website and for advertising purposes. We do not use Google Analytics to collect personally-identifiable information. Google Analytics’ use your information may differ from Firm’s use and is governed by the its own terms of use and privacy policy. The Firm is not responsible for Google Analytics’ collection and use of your information. 


E.    Privacy Policy Questions


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you may direct your questions to info@davisfirmpllc.com


F.    Client Privacy Policy


The Firm values its clients’ privacy and attempts to protect to the confidentiality of the personal information clients have give us to the furthest extent practicable. Under federal law, attorneys, like other professionals who advise clients on personal financial matters, are required to inform their clients on their policies regarding privacy of client information. In addition to the document securities measures described above, we are bound bu professional standards of confidentiality found in Rule 1.6 of the Rules of Professional Conduct adopted by the Arkansas Supreme Court. Non-lawyers who work under the supervision of attorneys in the preparation and adjudication of legal matters are bound by the same rules. 


In the course of providing our clients advice concerning income and other taxes, estate and personal financial planning, employment questions and personal debt issues, we may receive significant non-public personal financial information from our clients. All information that we receive from our clients is held in confidence and is not released to people without outside of our supervisions, or even within our supervision without a legitimate need to know, unless agreed to by you or as required by law or the Rules of Professional Conduct. 

The Firm retains records relating to professional services that we provide so that we are better able to assist you withy our personal needs and, in some cases, to comply with professional guidelines. In order to guard your privacy, we restrict access to non-public personal information  to those who have a legitimate need to know in order to provide services to you or on your behalf. 


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