As business owners, we understand the challenges of small business ownership. The Davis Firm was founded to help offer small business owners reliable and affordable legal solutions—a law firm for small businesses and their owners. Our General Representation Engagement gives our various clients an in-house lawyer perfect for a small business—there when you need them, but not billing you when you don’t.


Through our General Representation Engagement, our clients have utilized our services to address a contract dispute before it turned into litigation, draft a real estate contract for a business venture, review and negotiate contracts, draft and even review lease agreements, develop bespoke operating agreements, and even file simple amendments to governing documents. Sometimes, however, even early intervention cannot stop a march into the courtroom, by utilizing a General Representation Engagement our clients have saved money on litigation services by using the same attorney from the start to finish.


Representing business owners is our passion. Whether you need a one-off service or are interested in a long-term relationship with the Davis Firm through our General Representation Engagement contact us at (501) 500-3320 to set up a free consultation.